CMAS Delphin

The CMAS Delphin are the entry level courses for children starting from 8 Years Old who wants to discover the underwater environment. Following a path of three levels (Delphin 1, Delphin 2 and Delphin 3) will take them beneath the surface for the first time, opening their eyes to that magical world while developing their skills as a new diver.

After the magical moment my eyes opened up to the sea, I was no longer able to see, think and live as before.
Jacques-Yves Cousteau



The CMAS Delphin courses are designed to develop the essential skills for practice diving with safety and fun. A child will learn how to handle position and buoyancy underwater, the basic propulsion techniques, how to react in case of basic problems and many other things.

After the child get the certification it will allows him/her to dive until 5 meters if certified Delphin 1 or Delphin 2, and until 10 meters if certified Delphin 3, always followed by an instructor or by a CMAS Diver 3 who is also certified as Children Diving Assistant.


The CMAS Delphin courses are usually conducted over five lessons of three hours each, and includes at least five open water dives (preceded by land drills) and one theoretical lesson conducted in classroom.


The course ends when the students have fullfilled all the pratical outcomes.

Pratical Info

In the course fee it’s included:

  • Instruction
  • Course book and teaching materials
  • Certification fees
  • Diving equipment: GAVs, regulators, tanks, weights, instruments
  • Tank refills
In the course fee it’s not included:

  • Wet suit rental
  • Mask, Fins and Gloves

Career Pathway

After you get all the CMAS Delphins certifications (1, 2 and 3) you can continue your diving career by taking one of the following courses:


  • 8 - 13 Years Old
  • Medical certificate
  • Parental Authorization

Quick Info

  • CMAS Delphin 1 | 2 | 3
  • Maximum 10 meters


Stella Del Curto

Stella Del Curto

CMAS Instructor I2
I’m Stella Del Curto, born in Locarno, Switzerland, the 27 December 1983. Since I was [...]
Raffaele Mazza

Raffaele Mazza

CMAS Instructor I4
I’m Raffaele Mazza, born in Locarno, Switzerland, the 25 September 1968. Diving Qualifications Diving Experience [...]

CMAS Delphin

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