CMAS Trimix Hypoxic

Extend your range of diving and discover more!

The CMAS Trimix Hypoxic (officially stated as CMAS Trimix Advanced) is the second level course for who wants to continue the career in the deep diving and expand the range of the dives also beyond the depths allowed by the normoxic mixtures.  It will open the doors to the chance to really explore also undiscovered sections of lakes and seas, as well as gain the possibility to visit beautiful walls, reefs or historic wrecks otherwise unaccessible both to recreational divers and Normoxic divers.


The CMAS Trimix Hypoxic course is designed to extend and enhance the skills acquired in the Normoxic course, and develop them in order to practice advanced deep diving always with comfort, confidence and competence.  In this course you will learn how to extend the plannings for trimix dives, by considering the use of hypoxic mixtures and their risks, the advanced gas management and deco strategies, and how to execute it in safe way. The amount of equipment to carry increases again: through the training and the gradual experience you will be able to manage it always with proficiency and efficiency for execute direct ascents while doing decompression stops. You will also get trained on how to handle all the potential difficulties at greater depths.

After you get the certification it will allows you to dive until 90 meters depth using Trimix hypoxic mixtures (until 10/70) with three or more additional bottom gas stages/deco bottles.

Additional note: this course works perfectly if taken in combination with the CMAS Wreck Diver course. If wrecks are your interest, take in consideration the idea to attend a combo class!


The CMAS Trimix Hypoxic course is usually conducted over six to eight days (full or half) and includes at least six training water dives (preceded by land drills), three experience dives and four theoretical lessons conducted in classroom.


The course ends when the students have passed a written exam and have fullfilled all the pratical outcomes.

Pratical Info

In the course fee it’s included:

  • Instruction
  • Course book and teaching materials
  • Certification fees
  • Refills in EAN32 during the training dives
  • Refills in EAN50 for S80 deco bottle
  • Refills in O2 for S40 deco bottle
  • Refills in Trimix mixtures for the instructors
In the course fee it’s not included:

  • Refills in Trimix mixtures for the students
  • Lunches
  • Eventual end-of-course trip to the sea

Every student must own the equipment required for practice technical diving. Feel you free to contact us in case of any doubt regarding it or to get the list about what’s exactly is needed.


  • 18 Years Old
  • CMAS Trimix Normoxic or equivalent
  • At least 10 Trimix Normoxic dives
  • Medical certificate

Quick Info

  • CMAS Trimix Advanced Diver
  • Maximum 90 meters
  • Trimix hypoxic mixtures


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René Röösli

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CMAS Trimix Hypoxic

Extend your range of diving and discover more!