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You would like to discover the hidden wonders of the submarine world or you already are a diver and you want to refine your skills, by learning new specializations? You are in the right place, we can offer a wide range of diving courses, suitable for all need!

High Quality Training & Education

We provide training for all level and interests, from new divers till the most experienced and all ensuring the maximum quality and proficiency. We follow the training programs developed by CMAS, a leading organization in the dive industry founded in 1959 by the pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Customization & Flexibility

Customized courses & trainings for divers of every organization and of any level who whants to improve their skills.

Why choose us

Before being instructors we are first and foremost passionate divers: we truly love the underwater environment and if it were possible we would spend all the time below the surface! In all courses we bring this big passion and share it with our students, encouraging their success.

Other Services

Presentation of DIR / Hogarthian equipment, in-water demos, customized underwater photography services, tips and suggestion about travel destinations and many more.

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