JJ CCR Air Diluent

Discover the world of silence!

The CMAS JJ CCR Air is the entry level course for anyone who wants to embrace the world of silence and start diving in closed circuit, extending the diving range beyond the usual bottom times. Having the chance to explore lakes and seas longer will take you to another dimension, giving you the possibility to create an unique connection with the underwater envoronment and his inhabitants.


The CMAS JJ CCR Air course is designed for introduce the diver to the closed circuit diving, in order to acquire all the needed know-how for diving with JJ-CCR always with comfort, confidence and competence. It provides also a cross-over for CCR divers coming from other CCR units.

In this course you will understand all the CCR diving peculiarities, the JJ-CCR design characteristics, you will learn how to fully mount/unmount your CCR, prepare the unit starting from zero, do some basic maintenance operations, execute all the safety pre-dive checks, plan bailout gas, and through the training and gradual experience you will be able to acquire all the skills for manage the dive and face potential problems or emergencies that may occur in these dives, like High-PpO2, Low PpO2, manual handling of the rebreather, bailout procedure and many more.

After you get the certification it will allow you to dive until 40 meters depth* using air diluent one bailout tank.

* Note: 40 meters are allowed only if you are already certified D3 or equivalent, otherwise the maximum depth is given accordingly to the owned certification (eg. D2 = 30 meters).


The CMAS JJ CCR Air course is usually conducted over six full days and includes at least seven training dives (preceded by land drills) for at least seven hours in-water and six theoretical lessons conducted in classroom.


The course ends when the students have passed a written exam and have fulfilled all the practical outcomes.

Practical Info

In the course fee it’s included:

  • Instruction
  • Teaching materials
  • Certification fees
  • Logistic
  • Refills in Air and O2 for 3L tanks
  • Refills in EAN 32 for bailout tank
In the course fee it’s not included:

  • Sofnolime 20Kg can
  • Lunches
  • Transfers
  • Eventual end-of-course trip to the sea

Every student must own the equipment required for practice technical diving. Feel you free to contact us in case of any doubt regarding it or to get the list about what’s exactly is needed.

Career Pathway

After you get the CMAS JJ CCR Air certification you can continue your diving career by taking one of the following courses:


  • 18 Years Old
  • CMAS D2 or equivalent
    CMAS Nitrox Advanced or equivalent
    CMAS Tech Skills or equivalent
  • 50 Open Water dives (total 50 hours)
  • Medical Certificate

Quick Info

  • Maximum 40 meters or according your certification
  • Air


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Stella Del Curto

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René Röösli

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Discover the world of silence!